All you need to know about the online horse betting odds system

All you need to know about the online horse betting odds system

Many big horse bettors know have a notion of betting odds systems without really understanding what it is and how it works. This is the element that allows you to evaluate the horses before betting on one of them. For mutualized horse betting, the odds are different from other sports betting. Players who are used to fixed odds are far from the real characteristics of odds with a large volume of bets. Discover in this article, the system of these odds to put luck on your side during the races.

The definition of odds

Rating is a type of report that is given to all horses when they are getting ready to race. The odds are calculable and the amount of money bet on the horse must be taken into account. Odds can be a whole number or a fraction. It is a very simple and easy value to calculate. Unlike sports betting odds, horse betting odds are not fixed from the beginning. The evolution is done in real time and is carried out by the bettors themselves. If the bets are mutualized, the winning horses take the money from the losing horses but the shares of the operators and organizers are subtracted. Sportsbook operators set their own odds.

Characteristics of the odds

To understand the characteristics of the odds, you have to keep in mind that the lower the odds, the lower your earnings. The equestrian side of betting gives importance to the expected payout when betting. Odds, however, are not used to pay out the bettors’ winnings. It is an indication of the value of the horses to be played. As mentioned earlier, the odds change over time depending on the bets you make. There are 3 odds on horse betting, the first odds are given the day before the race. Current odds are published on the day of the race and the odds of the PMU are given every 1 minute as soon as the race starts. Final odds are published only after the race is over. Keep in mind that :

– Reports are low when the favorite horses are at the finish line;

– Ratios are high when the favorite horses are not yet at the finish line.

How the odds are calculated

For the final odds, it is calculated according to the bets cashed in during the race. The operators then calculate the number of people who bet on the same combination and the bets that contributed to this. This is how the final odds for all combinations are given. The odds are then called a ratio because they are calculated from the multiplying factors of the bets.

Odds given before the races are calculated from the bets made during single play modes. This is where the notion of evolution takes place. If you bet on a starter, the turfist will lower his odds while raising the odds of the others. If the value of the bets is high, the odds may also be higher. In a small race, the odds automatically go down.

Before the appearance of betting on the Internet, bettors were not able to play anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the odds, it became easy to know the value of the horses and to see the reports to be sure to win the bets. You now have the features and the means to calculate.