Practical tips for winning at horse races

Practical tips for winning at horse races

In order to make horse racing profitable, all the details of the game must be taken into consideration. Indeed, to find the winning numbers, it is no longer enough to draw 2, 3 or 5 horses at random and wait for luck to do its work. It requires good preparation and work in advance, special knowledge and excellent deductive skills. Focus on 5 tips to make horse betting profitable. If you are not inclined to study form, you may prefer to bet on virtual horses at a reputable online casino.

Specialize in a category

Several important races take place every day and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to track them all. Thus, to optimise the chances of winning, and to avoid losing money, the ideal is to specialise in a particular class. The player can opt for trotting, flat, hurdle jumping, cross-country, steeplechase, etc. When making your decision, take the time to find out which race best suits your knowledge and expectations. Once you have chosen the category, it is recommended that you watch this type of race several times to fully understand how it works.

Analyse the course of the race

The course of the race is an essential parameter, but unfortunately less taken into consideration by the punters. The idea is to study the style of race that the favourite horse will be able to fight. As an example, in a race where there are two favourites, while these horses are watching each other, it is likely to see a golden opportunity for a 3rd horse to carry out a hold-up and win. Furthermore, in the case of a jockey participating in a race without pressure, he could surprise the horse bettors and win the race.

Trusting the horse’s state of form

In general, horses with a high reputation are often underrated and are already considered to be the favourites for a horse race. Instead of basing your prognosis on this information, the ideal is to always take the time to judge for yourself the true condition of the horse, and to analyse its previous races. In horse racing, young jockeys are usually outsiders, while old foxes are always favourites. The idea is never to fall into this trap, but to keep an eye on the new horses.

Never bet according to an odds

To maximise the chances of winning, it is not advisable to bet only on a horse because it is considered a favourite and has low odds, or to bet on an outsider because its odds are very strong. For beginners, it is best to concentrate on the winning bet placed and always bet according to the horse’s true value. Indeed, one should never trust only the odds, as the success rate remains low. Moreover, bookmakers order the price and getting an advantage is never a simple matter. The best bet is to bet on a 10-horse race, where each player has the power to select the horse he thinks is worthy.

Take into consideration the starting order of the horses

The last piece of advice concerns the consideration of the starting order of the horses, as the drawing of lots is crucial in races. A horse that is well positioned at the beginning of the first turn always has a head start on the others. Why is this ? Because some parts of the racecourse are considered to be faster than others. Therefore, by being well positioned on the starting line, the horse has a better chance of advancing those fast parts, and ultimately, of winning the race.