Steps for selecting a unique prognosis?

Steps for selecting a unique prognosis?

In recent years, the number of horse racing enthusiasts has become a significant part of the world. Some bettors even live from betting on the races. At the same time, many others dream of it. In order to win at the races, many track bettors are looking for the best predictions. The unique prognosis is one to be played in trotting tierces only. Profitability depends on the number of tierces cashed in order in the year.

What is yield?

In order to be successful in betting, one would have to think about the return on investment. In fact, the return is the percentage earned over or under what was invested compared to 100%. The return can therefore be compared to the interest the bank gives.

For example, if the announced return is 160%, it would mean that one has earned more than 60% compared to what was invested in a bet, over a period of time. If we bet a total of 100 euros, and we won 160 euros, we would have made a profit of 60 euros. That is 60% more return than we bet. If, for example, 160 % of return on a single winning bet, that’s 60 % more interest on a single bet placed 130 %, that’s 30 % more, it’s quite enormous compared to the interest that banks give nowadays.

The calculation of the return is simple. Just divide the total amount won by the total bet played multiplied by 100. For example, if you have won over a period of time 1000 euros and you have bet a total of 500 euros, that makes 1000: 500 x 100 = 200% return.

The best predictions

You can make many predictions for the same race. There can be several good ones but only one will be the best. If we only focus on the winnings made at the end of the race, the bettor will have to limit the number of horses selected so as not to increase his bet. The best prognosis is to bet only on the horse that will win the race.

There are several kinds of predictions offered by different sites. There is the priority prognosis, the single prognosis, the horse of the day and the horses of the day.

So far, PMU presents the best of the betting formulas. These are the tiercé, the quarté, the quinté, the pick 5, the single, the coupled, the trio, the 2 out of 4, the multi, the mini multi, the spot, the reduced field and total field, and the formula “in all orders”.

How to elaborate a single prognosis?

At the beginning, there is a good selection of 9 horses which obtain on average 60% of success. Eliminations of horses are applied and the remaining horses are played. For example, on August 14, 2020, we were able to eliminate 2 horses in the selection of 9 horses and there were 7 horses left. If in a selection of 9 horses, we manage to eliminate 3 horses, there will be 6 horses left and so on. If we do not manage to eliminate any horses, the selection will be composed of the first 8 horses of the selection.

In this case the stakes are reduced. This is what will make the single prognosis profitable. If the budget is reduced and you want to play all the horses in the selection, you can use mathematical reduction systems because they allow you to reduce the stakes considerably while keeping the best chance of winning.