What are the different types of races for sports betting ?

What are the different types of races for sports betting ?

More and more online gaming platforms offer race games for players who like to make bets. They are made for beginners but also for online gaming professionals. You still have to choose the type of races you want to play. They work like a pari-mutuel betting game with their own special features. To help you choose, here are the different types of races that exist in the world of sports betting.

The presentation of the races

If you decide to play PMU racing events, you have the choice between two main types including :

  • Trotting races: this is a race that has a symmetrical appearance. It is done in two equal times. They are divided into various types, which you will see in the following sections;
  • Gallop races: this is a race that is done in 3 beats with a suspension time. It allows the horses to have a faster and more asymmetrical gait.

Trotting races

These are the least played race by Internet users, though popular in Sweden. Trotting is divided into 4 categories of races including :

The harness trot

In this race, the jockey stands on a platform on the horse’s back. When the game starts, the horse must have the trotting pace to be in agreement with the finish line. A horse will be disqualified if it starts to gallop. There are two distinct types of this type of race including :

  • The autostart: for this type of race, the horses are set up behind a car with a barrier. At the beginning, it drives slowly. When all the horses are at a trot and are ready to go, the car starts to accelerate so that the horses follow the speed ;
  • The Volt face: in this race, the horses are not in well organised places. They start at right angles and it is only when the game starts that they make a quarter turn and move in the direction of the race.

Mounted trot

It is the most widespread discipline in the world for betting races. It is present in Belgium and France. It has the same principle as the harnessed trot except that here the jockey sits directly on the horse.

Gallop races

For this type of race, you also have 2 very distinct categories including :

The flat

This race is very easy to understand. When the game is started, the stalls open automatically. The race takes place on a circuit of 2400 meters maximum in the average but there are a few that offer a race over 900 meters and can go up to 4km. However, it is possible to find tight races in which the horses are handicapped from the start such as the extra weights they have to carry during the race.

Obstacle courses

The aim of this race is to cross the finish line first with disabled horses. They are divided into 3 types including :

  • The first type whose obstacles are on the circuit of between 3000 and 5000 meters.
  •  Second type with a race length of between 3000 and 5000 metres.
  • Last type which has several obstacles on a race from 5000 to 8000 metres.

When choosing a race to bet on, take into account all the characteristics of the latter to find out which one gives the best chance of winning. You have seen the different types in this article and now it is up to you to make the right choice according to your preferences.