3 families of courses adapted for beginners

3 families of courses adapted for beginners

For novices wishing to break into PMU races, it is essential to take the time to choose the race best suited to their profile. Of course, the profile evolves over time and depends mainly on the experience of each individual. However, each player does not start out the same way, with the same expectations and objectives. Therefore, before venturing into this great experience, one must know the different types of races, and find the one that best suits one’s needs. To get started it’s best to find courses adapted for beginners.

Simple games for the rigorous profile

To get started in the world of race betting, and hope to win juicy winnings, rigorous bettors must opt for simple races. Indeed, the principle is to win small amounts, but on a regular basis. To do so, it would be smart to move towards races of good level. But, which races are intended for this profile? The rigorous ones can choose Group races, I, II and III, but also A and B trotting races, and Listed galloping races. Moreover, when selecting races, it would be wise to choose numbers from 8 to 14.

Moreover, for the rigorous ones, the ideal is to opt for a simple but winning game. When you start in this world, the best thing is to win small amounts, because winning in the long run is quite complicated. Therefore, to win in the long run, the rigorous profile must create a solid experience and gradually increase his bets.

Simple and pleasant races for intermediates

The pleasure effect is very important for the intermediate profile. Like all players, his goal is to pocket a maximum amount of winnings. However, in order to profit from racing, he must be smart and choose his races carefully. Among the races intended for the intermediate player, he can sort the same way as the rigorous bettor. However, in contrast to the rigorous, he has the possibility to enlarge his playing range, especially with Trios and Couples. In addition, he also has the ability to opt for more open races. Moreover, in the races, the games conducive to surprises allow him to pocket some nice sums. With this profile, however, sorting is essential.

For those wishing to broaden their range of races, the ideal is to opt for races with a lower level of skill compared to a rigorous player. In doing so, remember to choose well-known horses, and never test handicap races on the flat. The best is to keep the game simple, while betting on a horse that could be considered as a winning pair, outsider on the side, etc.

Bold races with big winnings for dreamers

For dream players, the ideal is to opt for quinté. Indeed, thanks to this colorful race, players can easily access the jackpots: tiercé, quarté and quinté. Dream players have only one goal in mind: to win the jackpot, while hoping that luck is on their side. That’s why quinté is the ideal race for them! However, for beginners, quinté is never a good idea! Indeed, it allows players to pocket exceptional bets, but luck very rarely falls on you… Thus, it is advisable to always bet small amounts. For dream players who want to play in several races, it is best to go for flat handicaps with several starters. Why not start with the Pick 5 horse races, or multi in four or five horses?