Some tracks to play the Horse Racing game

Some tracks to play the Horse Racing game

In addition to online casino games, Internet users are increasingly interested in horse racing. It’s a game that allows you to win big if luck is on your side. It is entertaining and several platforms offer this type of game. To play, you have to follow the required steps and you have to find the right strategy if your goal is to win money. It belongs to the categories of games of chance. To help you understand how to play, discover in this article, the steps to play.

The presentation of Horse Racing

Internet users appreciate the Horse Racing game thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. It is inspired by the Horse Racing and Slot Machine theme combined. You will have some symbols during the game that are related to horses. They are the helmet, the horse, the jockey boots, a cup and a shoe. However, there are no symbols that allow you to make large winnings but you can hit a jackpot by multiplying the bets. To do so, you must win a multiplier. There are maximum bets and minimum bets like all slot games.

Game Features

Once you are on the game, a board will present itself to you. It is used to give information about the horses that will be played. There are 8 of them and you will see on the board their names, the color of the jockey’s clothes and the possibilities of coefficients. For each of them, you can make 3 bets including the winner, the 1st/ 2nd, the 1st/ 2nd and the 3rd. You then have the possibility to bet on these 3 parameters. The value that can be bet is between 1 and 100 credits that you must place in the “bet” cell. To start the race, simply press the button on the right side of the interface. There is a bar at the bottom to see the progress of the race. In case you want to change the bet, just press the delete bet button. You can also choose to play with or without sound. You can see how much money you have by pressing the Money cell.

Ways to win

Once you master the rules of the game, it’s easier for you to win the bets. There are sites that allow you to do this without having to register and without having to play with real money. You can also watch the previous games and see the possible winnings for this or that horse. For example, you can see how much you can win for a horse:

– For Pin, the possible winnings are 1.7 – 5.5 ;

– For Mayhem, the possible payouts are 2.55 – 11.75 ;

– For Hypno, the possible payouts are 1.75 – 7.15 …

Steps to play

Once you have opened the game, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose the value of the card ;
  2. Press the “Play Now” button;
  3. Choose a horse number, the one you want to bet with;
  4. In case your horse wins the race, you win the prize of the scratch box. The winnings will then be redirected to the player’s account ;
  5. Press the “play for me” button if you want the game to be automated and play for you.

Racing games are more and more appreciated by Internet users thanks to the possibility to win a nice amount of money. You could see in the previous lines, all the information about the Horse racing game and some tips to play.